” Lisa, I want to say ‘ Thank you ‘ again and again for your influence in my life and the way you helped me through a difficult situation. I am SO glad you were there for me and I found you.  I want you to know Lisa that your presence in my life over the last week  has influenced me so much. You are invaluable. You are very human and believe me that is a big compliment.  “

Elizabeth S. / A Loyal Customer


Thank you for the very insightful reading you did for me this weekend.  I really appreciate your honesty.  It would have been so easy for a dishonest not-so-psychic reader to simply affirm what I wanted to hear. I think you really hit the nail on the head.  I do trust my gut feelings usually, except where matters of the heart are concerned.  Then I am easily fooled.  (Aren’t we all, eh?)

Thanks again.  Your reading was the most helpful one to date! 

 Jackie W.


You really honed in on the nature of my relationship. Thank you very much for the impressive reading and your compassion.  Thanks again for the great reading and keep up the good work!

Best to you,



Wow.. Thanks so much for the readings.  All of them provided great insight and you mentioned quite a few things right on target.  Thank you again so much.  The readings were AWESOME.

Take care!!


Thank you very, very much for this reading.  I have been really grateful to have received this. Reading itconfirmed various aspects of what I have experienced in the past and in the present.  

Thank you again for this reading.  It paid attention to the little nagging insecurities that were lingering, and uplifted me.


 Blessings be with you and yours,



I really appreciate you telling me the truth as your reading is very accurate!

Helen B.

Ethical psychic relationship readings

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