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Are you in need of guidance and don’t know which way to turn with your relationship? Not sure what’s happening or what your partner wants?

Or maybe you’d like to learn a little more about what psychic reading is exactly, or how can anyone do a psychic reading over the internet, or at all for that matter?

In this blog I will be sharing with you ideas and information about psychic readings and relationships from the perspective of readings I do and the experience I bring to the table as an ethical psychic reader.

Are you looking for free psychic readings or want to know more about how anyone could possibly offer them?  This is a good place to start to get that information!

Are you looking for more of a commitment or are you confused about how your significant other, partner, or love interest really feels about you?

Are you looking for perspective because you are feeling too in love, too vulnerable, too unclear? Or are you perhaps hoping to start a new relationship with someone special but not sure how to proceed or whether you should make a move to initiate things?   Well, I believe that I can be help to you.

Allow me to help guide you!


My name is Lisa Valentine and I’ve been doing psychic relationship readings for over 30 years.    My purpose is in helping you find your way by providing ethical and caring guidance.

As an experienced Relationship Psychic,  I tune into your relationship’s emotional “dynamic” as well as tuning into the individual dynamic, that is the energy, feelings, and motivation of each person in the relationship.  By picking up on these very significant dynamics I am able to provide guidance and clarity with pretty much any question you may need answered about your relationship.

So, if you’ve just started a new relationship, contemplating a new one, trying to get out of one, or perhaps not sure what you want to do with an existing one, then allow me to help you find your way.  I have been reading for over 30 years and offer to you my experience, skill, and sensitivity, and I look forward to being of assistance.

On this site you’ll find personal testimonials, free reading contest, and an opportunity to purchase a special e-mail reading with me at reasonable rates.  The beauty of an e-mail reading is that you’ll have a copy of the information that you can refer to again and again, so overall this is the type of reading I often recommend to my customers.   When a person is seeking change in his/her life, it is most beneficial to have something to refer to a number of times until the information given is really thought deeply enough about in order to help bring on that desired change.   It’s very easy to keep doing the same things over and over again.  The challenge in life comes when we commit ourselves to working on changing for the better by reminding ourselves on a regular basis the thing we need to change and work on in order to grow.

  I will help to guide you in gentle steps toward your goals.
” I look forward to help guide you to find
clarity and peace with whatever you are dealing with.”
Lisa Valentine/ Relationship Psychic


Having sex too soon?

Love and romance

Are you thinking about having sex with that person you’re so in love with or have you already done so and now regret it? What does “having sex too soon” mean really?

You might say that sex is a natural act between two consenting adults and that it’s fine to do it whenever you feel like it, such as in the very beginning of a relationship.

But the problem with this thinking is that giving way to passion and desire very early on could end up clouding your judgment and also make you feel like you’ve already given your whole self away without really getting to know that other person in everyday situations, on a day-to-day basis. I’m really talking about longer-term relationships here, relationship that might end up in a deeper commitment, or marriage.

Sex can be like a drug after all. It can make you want more and more to make you feel extremely euphoric, so connected to another person, swept away, and love, etc. such say that these things are all bad, but if what you’re looking for is more of a commitment with the person, and a longer-term relationship, you might want to step back and take your time before jumping into the sack!   Once you jump in, you can’t jump back!

You really have to ask yourself “what the sex mean to me?”. “Do I want sex to be part of our relationship that deepens with another person, continues, along with a friendship with that person?” “Do I want to take my time and get to know this other person and let them get to know me, or do I not care about that sort of thing?”

For many women sex is a very emotionally vulnerable act. If you’re a woman reading this, and you can relate to what I’m saying here, and this describes you, then please take that seriously next time you are looking to “hook up” with that person you’re hoping to develop a relationship with. Just know that it takes a while to get to know someone. Don’t be so eager to give your whole self away before you really know what you’re getting yourself into. Maintain your integrity by moving forward with clear thinking and thoughtful steps.

Give yourself and your new relationship the time it deserves to develop in a healthier way without rushing sex.

Free mini readings on Facebook going well!

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I’m so happy to be offering free mini intro readings for first time customers on Facebook Chat!   It’s working out great.   If you want to know when I’m on Facebook you can sign up for my free reading alerts!

You can friend me here on Facebook!

Basically what I offer on Facebook is a short reading all done by private message.  The purpose of this time we have together is for you to become acquainted with how I read and for you to judge for yourself as to whether or not you’d like a longer reading with me.

My specialty is relationships, so if you’re in a relationship that you’d like some guidance with, or perhaps not yet in a relationship with someone, but would like to know what the potential might be for one, I’ll be happy to see what I get on the situation.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

You can also order a reading here now if you’d like.

All the best!

Lisa Valentine

“The Relationship Psychic”

Tuning into crystal power!

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Lisa Valentine’s Psychic Readings

Are you able to feel anything by looking at this crystal.  If you are sensitive to energies you will be able to, because this particular crystal has a very strong energy.

If you’d like to try for a moment to just focus on the crystal.  Relax.  Don’t try to make anything happen or think at all about anything.  Just feel.

What I am aware of (as I’ve been for quite some time) is that everything is energy.  Let me repeat that.  Everything is energy!

You might ask “How can you feel something the energy of something from a photograph?”

The best answer I can give you is that there is no distance between anything really.  A photograph is a photograph of the energy of the item.  I don’t see auras, per se, but I can see/sense an energy field.  This particular crystal has such a strong energy field that it’s hard for me to look at it for too long!

As far as energy fields go, I read much the same way.  I write a few things down for your reading and I am able to see/feel the energy of the situation/relationship from what I’ve written down.  Why?  Because energy is everything and is in everything and there is no distance between anything.  This is why you may get a sense of someone, or sense that someone is thinking about you (or feeling something about you).  Have you ever experienced that?

My guess is that you have, many times.  And the more you tune into this kind of connection/consciousness/experience, the more fine tuned you become.

In a reading with me, I will tap into the same energy that is there in a given relationship or perhaps within you, and bring to the forefront what you are probably aware of on some level.  My goal is to help you focus on what you want and find a way to move forward in the healthiest happiest way.

When you tune into the crystal in this picture you may find that you will learn more about yourself and how connected you are to energy.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you today!

Lisa Valentine

The Relationship Psychic

“Keep moving forward”


Time flys!

It’s really true that time does fly by.   When you look back over at a date to see when you last posted (for example!) you may be amazed how much time has gone by between then and now.

free psychic readings

So, what’s the solution to this conundrum?  Get moving now!  Because now is the only time you’ll ever really “have” to grasp.  And then, in an instant “POOF!” that moment is gone.

Try this funny little exercise with me for a moment.

Just say the following out loud, accompanied by a quick snapping of your fingers or clapping of your hands just once.

“This moment….(SNAP OR CLAP HERE) Gone!!!”

Doing this funny little exercise (which I made up) can help you get a full sense of how ungraspable (if that’s a word!) time is.  I mean, what    IS time exactly anyway?  Can you hold on to it?  No.  Can you plan on it.  Yes.  Can you structure it , yes again.  But can you define it, control it, make it stop or bend to your will?  No, not really.

Can you respect how precious it is and devote yourself to not wasting anymore of it?  YES, YES YOU CAN!!

Let’s do this now!

With best wishes,

Lisa Valentine


Holiday Stress/ It’s that time again!

dealing with holiday stress

Oh boy.  Here we go again with the holiday stress!  It’s the “sandwich”, I call it.  That is, Thanksgiving, following by Christmas, followed by New Years.  I am not discounting Chanukah either, although I did not grow up Jewish, I’m sure it has it’s own set of pressures, being that it comes around every year and involves giving gifts.  My guess however is that the pressure is much greater to “produce gifts” with Christmas gift giving so heavily promoted on the media.

Is it really “the thought that counts”?  I’d like to think so, but what is our inner expectation of ourselves telling us? Women in particular feel more pressure to give that perfect gift, tend to everyone’s needs, be the nurturers.  Where is room for YOU in this picture?

Please, please, please, if you’re feeling tapped out of energy, take time for YOU this year.  Take a day or just a few hours where you think of no one else but you.  Do something nice for yourself and maybe get some perspective this year of what this “holiday season” really means to you and how you can take better care of YOU in the process of giving to others.

Here’s a radical (perhaps) thought.  How about taking Christmas OFF this year? Go take a trip somewhere, or spend it completely differently than usual to get yourself out of the “rut” of expectations and pressures.  Come on, admit it.  In a way, this might not be the worst idea, especially if you’re feeling like the disgruntled woman in the picture above!!!

It’s time for YOU this year!

Love and best wishes,

Lisa Valentine/The Relationship Psychic

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A program that could help with shyness and anxiety

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There are many products and programs and books out there addressing ways to overcome shyness and anxiety.

Here’s one that I found by Sean Cooper who calls himself  “The Shyness and Social Anxiety Guy”

This is a direct quote from the description on his site:

“Want to feel good about yourself, overcome your insecurities for good, and truly become comfortable in your own skin? Think about how much your dating, social and professional life would improve if you were able to speak with concrete confidence. Fortunately, I’ve studied everything in this area as well, and can help you.”

What I’ve found is that every resource can help with whatever issue you may be facing.  Everyone may have some pearls of wisdom that can add to the process of change.

I am advocating that you check this out and see if it’s a good fit for you.  On my site here, I may be recommending some other helpful links.  No pressure.  It’s all up to you what you choose.

I don’t like “selling” anything.  I prefer for my website visitors to be encouraged to think for themselves.

Here’s the link to Sean Cooper’s program.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

There’s a free demo video that introduces you to the basic concepts.  Again, it’s free to check out the demo.  See what you think and let me know!

Lisa Valentine/TheRelationshipPsychic

Building confidence and self-esteem

ethical relationship readings
Relationship readings

Do you suffer from a low sense of self-worth, questioning who you are, and how you feel about yourself? Do you find it difficult to express yourself around other people for fear of being judged, ridiculed, criticized?

Do you worry too much about what other people think and end up people pleasing instead of really speaking up for yourself and being who you are the most authentic way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from low self-esteem.

One way to get in touch with how you feel you is to write your feelings down, such as in a journal that is for you and your eyes only. Journaling is a very safe way to express yourself freely and openly without the fear of being judged for your thoughts.

When writing in a journal, just let the ideas come. in keeping a journal, there is no right or wrong way. And again, as I mentioned before, a journal is for you and your eyes only. Keeping your journal private will allow you to express your thoughts without anyone else coming and telling you what to think and feel.

With self-esteem, and the need to build self-esteem, it is absolutely vital that you give yourself the freedom to write like this without any encumbrances or interference.

Now another way to build confidence and self-esteem is to get support from other people who won’t judge you for your thoughts and feelings. I have created a forum online for just this purpose and invite you to be a part of it. By writing down your thoughts and feelings in a message in a forum like this, you may be able to connect with other people who are experiencing something very similar.

When you hear replies from other people who express that they understand how you feel, you will feel less alone and less isolated. With this type of support you can find ways to heal. We are all social beings and in some way or another need each other.

To clarify further about how we need each other, I’m talking about support here. I’m talking about belonging. I’m talking the sense of safety with others. Emotional safety. And of course physical safety. By the way, emotions are physical! So emotional safety and physical safety are really deeply connected. When we say that “we feel”, you’ll observe here that we’re not saying “we think”. We are not “up in our heads”. When we’re feeling something, we are connecting completely to our bodies, and I would like to add here our souls, our hearts, our spirits. Feelings run deep.

Feelings can also be affected by our unconscious, the part of our self which may be driving the bus without us really being aware of how to stop it! There may be ways that you contact the unconscious but we can talk about that in a future blog post.

The focus of this post is about building confidence and self-esteem.

Where does confidence and self-esteem reside? The answer: within. So the building blocks to confidence and self-esteem are within you, not in the outside world or outside influences. However, when you get outside support from others, it can help you send new messages to that inside self of yours. Negative feedback from others will only reinforce a feeling of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Positive feedback from others can help empower you to find your own path for change, which by the way is the approach I take in my readings. I believe in empowering the person I’m reading for to find their inner voice.

Listen, life isn’t always easy. Life is filled with challenges and change ongoing. Surrounding yourself with supportive people will help you feel more empowered to face those challenges with a positive mindset, knowing that there are people on your side thinking of you, caring about you, and wanting the very best for you, instead of competing against you or trying to control you.

Stop by my free forum today and consider joining and sharing with others. Reach out for support. You may even make some new friends along the way. Most importantly, or as importantly, you’ll see that you’re not alone. You’ll find that other people experience similar things, and hearing that your understood and being able to give that sentiment to others as well will be no doubt be a very healing experience for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Valentine
The Relationship Psychic

Does sex change the dynamic of a relationship?

 people in love at sunset

Do you think that sex changes the dynamic of a relationship? I think most people would agree the answer would have to be “yes” on this one!

But I’d like to hear from you on this one.   Below is a brief survey where you can  select from the answers given or add your own answer, as well as a place for comments . I’d love to get a conversation going here about this topic.   Looking forward to all replies! 

Where should you go on your first blind date?

First date at a coffee shop

So, you’ve never met this person face-to-face. You don’t know what it’ll be like sitting across from them for minutes let alone several hours.

I guess this is why “speed dating” was invented. You’re given a chance to just see whether or not there’s even any chemistry or interest there within a matter of minutes. After all, how long does it take for you to know whether or not you’re attracted to a person? in most cases, probably not all that long.

And as far as online to in person dating goes, where you first see a person’s picture and then decide to meet with them, you’re really only going to get a true feel of that person once face-to-face. After all, a photograph can only show so much or tell so much of what a person is like in person. It’s just like if you like the sound of a person’s voice over the phone, you’re still only getting one portion of the overall impact and impression of this person.

And besides that, there are just so many different things and nuances about the other person you can experience in person that you’re not going to be able to judge through an online chat, photo, phone call, text. You get the “picture”, right?

That said, it might be a good idea to consider for your first “blind” date, that you make it something simple, like go out for coffee, maybe meet in the park. Someplace neutral. Someplace you can both meet together at. And some place where you are not committed to spending hours with this person should you decide you are not comfortable in their presence (make sure to trust your gut on that one!). Naturally, even if you do plan for a longer date, you always have the option to leave early. It just could be much more awkward for you once you’ve committed to a longer date to now have to figure out ways to wriggle out of it without offending or possibly hurting the other person’s feelings who may in this case not be in agreement with you or may end up taking your leaving the date early as hurtful.

In order to prevent this type of situation from happening, I’m advising that you leave yourself and “out” to where you can gently and easily make your exit should you decide that you do not wish to spend any more time with this person. Good idea might be to have another plan set up ahead of time so that your blind date understands you will be not be committing to more than a shorter given time frame. If you decide you like the person a lot and want to spend a little more time together on this first date, you can allow yourself that flexibility by having a flexible backup plan (the “out”). So in other words, the backup plan could be something or thing you have to get to next could be something that can wait or even be rescheduled. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

Meeting for coffee, a bagel, a walk on the beach, a walk in the park, an ice cream, are all easier ways that don’t involve a longer time commitment, but each of these options can be segued into a longer date if it’s working out well.

I’m recommending that you consider staying away from alcohol on your first shorter blind date option. Why not test the waters of your initial organic chemistry without mixing in an alcohol component?  Remember, your fine as you are, and aside from that, you want to see things clearly on your first blind date, right?

Lisa Valentine/The Relationship Psychic

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