Free mini readings on Facebook going well!

ethical psychic relationship readings online

I’m so happy to be offering free mini intro readings for first time customers on Facebook Chat!   It’s working out great.   If you want to know when I’m on Facebook you can sign up for my free reading alerts!

You can friend me here on Facebook!

Basically what I offer on Facebook is a short reading all done by private message.  The purpose of this time we have together is for you to become acquainted with how I read and for you to judge for yourself as to whether or not you’d like a longer reading with me.

My specialty is relationships, so if you’re in a relationship that you’d like some guidance with, or perhaps not yet in a relationship with someone, but would like to know what the potential might be for one, I’ll be happy to see what I get on the situation.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

You can also order a reading here now if you’d like.

All the best!

Lisa Valentine

“The Relationship Psychic”